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Human Resources Department

Employee Resources

V. Known Limitations

Information Systems Department

Individuals with (or without) disabilities access websites with widely varying sets of capabilities, software, and hardware. While this Policy does provide the ability for individuals with disabilities to access web-based information, this Policy does not include requirements for the production of every known accessibility need, due to known limitations on existing technology. There may be other circumstances, independent of technology that may limit accessibility of Agency websites.

While every reasonable effort will be made, it is understood that creating accessible formats for large, complex documents (such as Environmental Impact Reports and reports containing complex tables and graphs), some historical documentation and graphical renderings and photographs maintained by the Agency may be technologically unfeasible. In this case, Agencies will be responsible for providing alternative methods of ensuring accessibility of this material. Agency websites must provide information on how to contact the Agency to request materials in an alternate format. See the Standards for suggested language to direct the reader in requesting an alternate format.

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