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5-1 Vehicle Use - General Information

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Approved: Board of Supervisors August 23, 2003
Authority: County Administrator
Resolution: 03-1000
Revised Date: July 27, 2004

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Section II, 9: Policy, General Information

  1. Vehicle Handbook:  Every County vehicle shall have a “Vehicle Operators Handbook”  in the glove compartment. This handbook is published by Fleet Operations and addresses a number of procedures to be followed by drivers of County vehicles. These procedures include:
    • Vehicle Safety and Driver Accountability
    • Collision or Incident Reporting
    • Mechanical Failure and Breakdown
    • Vehicle Care and Preventive Maintenance
    • Fueling County Vehicles
    • Obtaining and Using a County Pool Vehicle 
  2. Handbook Updates:  Fleet Operations reviews and updates the handbook regularly to insure that the information is correct and contact numbers are still current. Fleet Operations recommends that each County employee be familiar with the handbook and its contents. If you cannot locate this Handbook please contact Fleet Operations for a current copy.