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5-1 Vehicle Use -Department Responsibilities

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Approved: Board of Supervisors August 23, 2003
Authority: County Administrator
Resolution: 03-1000
Revised Date: July 27, 2004

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Section II, 2: Department Responsibilities

  1. Enforcement:  Department heads are responsible for enforcing this policy within their Department. 
  2. Driver’s License Checks:  Departments shall require DMV drivers license checks for new employees that are required to drive as part of their duties with the County. 
  3. Drivers License Verification:   Departments are responsible for verifying that employees who drive on County business have a valid California driver's license and that the license is the appropriate license for the vehicle(s) they are operating. This departmental obligation does not diminish the employee’s obligations pursuant to Sections 1.c. and 1.d. of the policy.
  4. Defensive Driver Training Requirement:  Departments shall ensure that all employees that are required to drive County vehicles or personal vehicles on County business participate in Defensive Driver Training within the specified intervals as detailed in the County’s Defensive Driver Training Program. 
  5. DOT Driver Records:  Departments shall maintain accurate records of employees who are required by Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to have a commercial driver’s license. At a minimum, the record shall include a copy of the employee’s driver’s license, a copy of the employee’s current medical card, and a copy of the most recent DMV Driver Record Information. 
  6. Pull Notice Program:  Departments shall enroll and track employees that drive on a regular basis, three or more days a week, or more than 500 miles per month, in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) “Pull Notice Program.”