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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised December 2018 Section 4: Salary Schedule

Salary Resolutions

Each salary scale shall consist of nine (9) salary steps, which shall be known as Steps A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I. Each step shall be expressed in cents per hour. The salary scale for each class which is allocated to a salary scale is listed in Appendix A for Unrepresented Administrative Management, Unrepresented Confidential and other Unrepresented classes in terms of cents per hour at Step A. The salary scale for classifications represented by recognized employee organizations is listed in the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding. Unrepresented Extra Help employees in classifications which are represented shall be paid on the same salary scale as listed for the represented employee in the same class. A table shall be published setting forth the value of each step of each salary scale.

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4.1 Salary Scales

Salary Scales are shown in Table I.

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4.2 Flat Rates

The salary for each class, which is to be paid at a flat rate, is listed in Appendix A in terms of cents per hour of the flat rate or at the annual salary for the class.

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4.3 Base Hourly Rate

The base hourly rate for each employee whose class is allocated to a salary scale shall be the hourly rate for the step of the salary scale at which he or she is paid.

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4.4 Paid Status

Each employee shall be considered to have paid status whenever the employee is at work, absent on a paid holiday, or absent on leave with pay, or absent on authorized compensatory time off.

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