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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised December 2018 Section 16: Meals and Lodging

Salary Resolutions

16.1 Probation and Sheriff's Departments

Employees of the Probation Department and the Sheriff's Department may, at the direction of the appropriate appointing authority, receive lodging and/or meals at County expense while on duty at any of the detention facilities.

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16.2 Emergency

An appointing authority may arrange for meals to be provided at County expense to employees who are required to be kept on duty for prolonged periods of time or for emergency situations.

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16.3 Sonoma County Fairgrounds

The appointing authority may prescribe that the duties of employees of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds include work with special events held at the Fairgrounds and periodic inspection of the Fairgrounds during the day and night. Such employees who are assigned and regularly perform such duties, may be provided by the appointing authority, to the extent that such facilities are available, temporary quarters at the Fairgrounds for the occupancy of themselves and their immediate families.

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16.4 Excluded from Rate of Pay

The cost of this meal and lodging benefit shall not be added to the employee's base hourly rate in computing the employee's regular rate of pay so long as similar employees in represented positions have had this benefit excluded from their regular rate of pay under the terms of a bona fide Memorandum of Understanding.

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