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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised August 2023 Section 5: Allocation of Positions

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  • 5.1 Number of Positions
  • 5.2 Allocation List
  • 5.3 Substitute Position
  • 5.4 Dual Position
  • 5.5 Extra Help

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5.1 Number of Positions

The number of allocated full‑time or part‑time positions in each County department or budgetary division shall be determined by the Board of Supervisors as a part of its adoption of the County Budget or of amendments thereto.

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5.2 Allocation List

The Director of Human Resources shall provide for maintenance of a Departmental Allocation List which shall contain the number of permanent positions which have been or may hereafter be allocated to each County department or budgetary division in accordance with this Section, and which shall state the classification of each such position. The County Administrator is hereby authorized to approve amendments to the Departmental Allocation List in accordance with Board Ordinance No. 70506, October 20, 1981.

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5.3 Substitute Position

Each position, which is contained on said Departmental Allocation List, may be filled by the employment of a qualified person in the class in which the position is authorized. With approval of the Director of Human Resources, it may be filled on a substitute basis by the employment of a qualified person in a closely related class which is allocated to the same or a lower salary or salary range.

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5.4 Dual Position

With the approval of the County Administrator and the Director of Human Resources, a position vacated, or to be vacated, through retirement or other separation of an employee, or which is occupied by an employee who is receiving compensation pursuant to Section 4850 of the California Labor Code, or which is occupied by a person on an extended leave of absence, may be filled as a dual position prior to the date of separation, and thereafter for the duration of the unused leave or overtime which is paid to the employee upon separation or of the leave of absence of the employee.

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5.5 Extra Help

Department Heads may employ Extra Help employees in accordance with established employment procedures and the Rules of the Civil Service Commission and within authorized budgetary appropriations for such employment.

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