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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised August 2023 Section 25: Court Leave

Section 25: Court Leave

A full-time or part-time employee is entitled to pay at the employee's base hourly rate to respond to an enforceable subpoena to appear in a court or administrative agency hearing in California other than as a litigant and for reasons other than those caused by the employee's connivance or misconduct. An employee may retain such payment as may be allowed the employee for lodging, meals and travel, but as a condition for entitlement to this Court Leave, the employee shall make payable to the County of Sonoma any and all fees which the employee may receive as payment for the service as a witness.  An employee on Court Leave will receive the base hourly rate of pay for those hours spent traveling to and from the court or administrative agency hearing and the hours spent attending to the employee's obligation as a witness so long as those hours correspond to the employee's assigned work schedule. Time spent as a witness or travel time which is outside the employee's assigned work schedule shall not be paid.  If an employee's obligation as a witness expires on any workday with time remaining on the employee's work schedule, the employee will be obligated to return to work. These provisions do not apply to employees whose appearances are in the line of duty. Extra Help employees who are scheduled to work and subsequently called to court, qualify under Section 25.

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