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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised December 2018 Section 11: Clothing and Equipment

Salary Resolutions

11.1 Issuance

The Board of Supervisors may, by resolution, provide for the issuance to employees of specific classes or departments of specific items of clothing or equipment which may be required in the performance of their official duties. 

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11.2 Personal Property Reimbursement

Upon recommendation of the appointing authority, the County, in accordance with Government Code Section 53240, shall provide for payment of the costs of replacing or repairing property or prostheses of an employee, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, watches, or sections of clothing necessarily worn or carried by the employee when any such items are lost or damaged in the line of duty without negligence by employee. If the items are damaged beyond repair, the actual value of such items may be paid. The value of such items shall be determined as of the time of the loss thereof or damage thereto in accordance with the Personal Property Claims Guide as provided by Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 56420, dated January 18, 1977, and as amended by Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 90-0721 dated April 24, 1990. 

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11.3 Safety Shoes / Boots 

(Amended 3/19/13)

Extra Help Park Ranger Assistants shall have the option once in each two-year period to receive a voucher toward the purchase of safety shoes or boots. All vouchers shall be issued at one hundred fifty six dollars ($170.00) for full boots and ninety dollars ($90.00) for safety shoes. 

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