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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised December 2018 Section 30: Layoff and Restoration

Salary Resolutions

Amended 5/18/10 

30.1 Lay Off - Applicability

The following layoff policy and benefits shall be applicable to Unrepresented regular full-time and part-time employees.  Neither the layoff nor the decision to layoff shall be grievable.

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30.2 Lay Off - Notice

An employee may be laid off from his or her job class and regular County service three (3) weeks (twenty one (21) calendar days) after formal, written notice has been presented or mailed to the employee at his or her last known address.

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30.3 Lay Off - Severance Period

An employee who has received a formal written layoff notice, and who is unable to displace another County employee or secure other regular County employment, with the approval of his/her department head, may separate from County service after the eighth (8th) work day of the three (3) week notice period and receive his or her normal base salary for the hours he or she would normally be scheduled to work during the remainder of the three week period.

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30.4 Lay Off - Medical

(Amended 5/18/10)

For employees who continue to be laid off from County service, and lack medical coverage, the County will make its usual medical insurance contribution for the first six (6) pay periods following layoff and one half (1/2) its usual contribution for the next six (6) pay periods following layoff. Eligible employees will be offered the opportunity to continue coverage through COBRA. If/when this medical severance is offered concurrently with COBRA continuation coverage, the eighteen (18) month COBRA continuation period shall be extended by each month of medical severance coverage to a maximum of twenty four (24) total months.

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