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Salary Resolution No. 95-0926 Revised December 2018 Section 32: Conflict Of Interest / Incompatible Activities

Salary Resolutions

32: Conflict Of Interest / Incompatible Activities

Conflict of Interest 

Each affected employee shall be furnished with a copy of the Conflict of Interest Code adopted for the department in which the employee serves.  The County Clerk shall maintain forms for statements required of employees by the conflict of interest provisions of the Political Reform Act of 1974, and Conflict Interest Codes adopted there under.

Incompatible Activities 

All County departments are required to adopt incompatible activities policies in compliance with State law.  Department Heads shall determine which specific activities are incompatible subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors. Employees who violate the department policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. All department incompatible activities policies shall include notice and appeal procedures, as well as the following prohibitions: Employment for compensation which is in conflict with the employee's County duties; outside employment involving the use of County time, facilities, equipment or supplies; compensation for work which an employee would ordinarily be required to perform in the course of County duties; performance of work that will later be subject to the control, inspection, or enforcement of another employee in the County; outside employment for which time demands render performance of County duties less efficient.

An employee who is unclear or needs more information regarding proposed or current outside employment shall contact his/her supervisor or department head for review and further direction.

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