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Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures

Sonoma County Agricultural Loss Survey for 2020 Fires

Published: October 09, 2020

The Sonoma County Department of Agriculture is conducting an agricultural damage and/or loss survey to determine the extent and nature of losses due to the 2020 fires.

The types of damage and/or loss to be reported include loss of actual crop, damage to vines/trees, damage to land, damage to agricultural buildings, machinery, irrigation systems, loss of livestock/poultry, loss of milk production, cost of debris removal, etc. 

This survey is part of the County’s overall survey of the damage to our community due to this fire. We are attempting to gather as much information as possible on the damages to our agricultural producers due to this fire so that we can accurately report on these losses to State and Federal agencies who provide financial assistance.

Please fill out and submit no later than November 30, 2020.

2020 Fire Damage Survey Form (PDF: 328kb)