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Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures

Notice of Proposed Fee Changes

Published: March 16, 2022

On March 22, 2022, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will be holding a hearing to consider adjustments to registration fees, permit fees and fees charged for services. Included in the adjustments will be changes to some fees for the Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures (AWM). The proposed changes would result in changes to many fees including but not limited to those related to the Automatic Point of Sale Stations (Point of Sale) Scanners, Certified Unified Program Agency Hazardous Materials Program (HazMat), Vineyard and Orchard Site Development and Agricultural Grading and Drainage (VESCO), Permit Sonoma Project Review, Cannabis Cultivation Program, Certified Farmers’ Market Program, Pest Control Operator and Farm Labor Contractor Registrations and for the Agriculture, Land Stewardship, and Weights & Measures Division staff hourly rates.

Any changes made to fees would go into effect on July 1, 2022. Fees listed in this proposal are only the fees that fall under the AWM department and Sonoma County's jurisdiction. Additional pass through fees are set by other departments or state/federal government. The full fee schedule is below:

Public comments on these changes may be made during the hearing or may be sent to the Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures at

Additional information about the hearing and how to attend may be found on the Board of Supervisors’ calendar here: