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Campaign Guide and Calendar of Events

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March 3, 2020 Consolidated Primary Election

About the Campaign Guide

This handbook has been prepared to assist candidates, committees, and members of the news media in preparing for the upcoming 2020 Consolidated Primary Election.  This handbook is not intended to be all encompassing, but merely summarizes major provisions related to candidates and committees involved in elections in the County of Sonoma and the State of California.

While staff has attempted to be as informative as possible in compiling this information, and we appreciate the opportunity to address your questions not answered in this handbook, the law prohibits employees from answering questions of a legal nature.  This handbook is not intended as a substitute for legal counsel.  For your protection, we strongly urge you to consult an attorney.

For additional election-related information, feel free to contact our office Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except holidays.  For dates that fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, use the next regular business day for transactions.  For further information, visit our website or office at 435 Fiscal Drive, Santa Rosa, email, or call us at (707) 565-6800.

Deva Marie Proto
Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder
& Registrar of Voters

Campaign Guide Contents

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