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IMPORTANT! Some forms have deadlines. Please refer to the form instructions or contact our office for assistance.

Requesting a Cross-Over Ballot for the March 2024 Presidential Primary Election

If you are not registered with one of California's six qualified political parties (i.e., are "unaffiliated" or "No Party Preference"), you may be able to participate in a qualified political party's presidential primary if that party allows it.

In 2024, three qualified political parties are allowing unaffiliated voters to "cross over": the American Independent Party, the Democratic Party, and the Libertarian Party. Unaffiliated voters can request one of these parties' presidential primary ballots with the following application:

The other three qualified political parties (Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and Republican Party) are not allowing unaffiliated voters to "cross over." If you want to participate in the presidential primary for one of these parties, you must re-register. You can re-register using the official California Online Voter Registration Application or with a paper form.

For more information, visit our March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election homepage.

Voter Registration/Cancellation

California Online Voter Registration Application

California Voter Registration Cancellation Request Form (English) (PDF)

California Voter Registration Cancellation Request Form (Spanish) (PDF)


Vote-by-Mail Ballot Requests

Since the passage of Assembly Bill No. 37 in 2021, all active, registered voters in California are automatically mailed a ballot in every election. As a result, there is no longer a generic Vote-by-Mail application.

Getting a Replacement Ballot

Did your Vote-by-Mail ballot never arrive? Did you lose it? Did your pet eat it? No problem! Starting 29 days before an election, you can request a replacement with the application below. Please note our office must receive this application seven or more days before Election Day. If our office receives it six or fewer days before the election, no replacement ballot will be mailed, even if the application was mailed and postmarked seven or more days before the election. For further information, go to our Vote by Mail page, call us at (707) 565-6800, or email us at

California Replacement Vote-by-Mail Ballot Form (English) (PDF)

California Replacement Vote-by-Mail Ballot Form (Spanish) (PDF)

Authorizing a Representative to Pick up a Vote-by-Mail Ballot on a Voter’s Behalf

Have an emergency? Too busy to pick up a replacement? No problem. You can request that somebody else pick up a replacement Vote-by-Mail ballot for you with the application below. This procedure is available starting 29 days before an election through Election Day itself. It is most commonly used when a voter never received/lost/spoiled their original Vote-by-Mail ballot and is unable to pick up a replacement or vote in person due to disability, illness, hospitalization, etc. Please note such requests can only be made at our office (not at Vote Centers) by somebody who has a an application below signed by the voter. For more information, go to our Vote by Mail page, call us at (707) 565-6800, or email us at

Application to Provide Vote-by-Mail Ballot to Representative (English) (PDF)

Application to Provide Vote-by-Mail Ballot to Representative (Spanish) (PDF)

Requesting a Remote Accessible Vote-by-Mail (RAVBM) Ballot

All counties are required to provide an accessible Vote-by-Mail option which is available to any voter, but can be particularly useful for voters with disabilities because of its accessibility features. This system allows for voters to access their correct ballot online using their own device, such as a personal computer, and mark their choices, with the option of using their own assistive technology. Once the ballot choices have been marked, the voter is required to print out the selections and return the RAVBM ballot. RAVBM ballots may be returned using the same methods available to return a regular paper Vote-by-Mail ballot. For more information, go to our Accessible Voting page, call us at (707) 565-6800, or email us at

Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail (RAVBM) Online Application


Vote-by-Mail Signature Issues

Unsigned Ballot Statement (English) (PDF)

Unsigned Ballot Statement (Spanish) (PDF)

Signature Verification Statement (English) (PDF)

Signature Verification Statement (Spanish) (PDF)


Poll Workers

Generic Online Poll Worker Application
The online poll worker application is undergoing maintenance between 12/1/23 and 12/14/23. Please check back on 12/15/23 to apply.

Student Poll Worker Application (PDF)

County Employee Volunteer Form (PDF)


County Information Guide

Opt In/Out of Online County Voter Information Guide

Common Campaign Finance Forms

Form 410: Statement of Organization Recipient Committee (PDF)

Form 460: Recipient Committee Campaign Statement (PDF)

Form 470: Officeholder Candidate Campaign Statement Short Form and Form 470 Supplement (PDF)

Form 501: Candidate Intention Statement (PDF)

From 700: 2021-2022 Statement of Economic Interests (PDF)


Campaign Materials

Application to Purchase/View Voter Registration Information (PDF)


Join Public Voting Committees

LAAC or VAAC Membership Application (PDF)


Miscellaneous Forms

Election Voter Fraud/Voter Complaint Form (PDF)

Request to Remove Name/Signature From Petition (PDF)