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Registrar of Voters Frequently Asked Questions

Election Information

Can I find out what districts I live in?

I did not get any information about the election. Can you send me some?

I keep getting calls from campaigns. How did they get my telephone number?

Is my voter registration information confidential?

Voter Registration

When do I need to re-register?

I am registered "Independent.” Why did I get an "American Independent" ballot?

How do I change my political party?

I’m a college student, and I live temporarily away from my home, which is in Sonoma County. Can I still vote in Sonoma County elections?

Voting Your Ballot

I did not vote on every contest on my ballot. Will my other votes count?

I did not like the choice of candidates, so I wrote in someone’s name. Will my vote count?

Voting at a Polling Place

Where is my polling place?

My old polling place is still open, but I was told I can’t vote there. Why?

I don’t have time to drive to my polling place. Can I go to any polling place that’s nearby and vote?

What is a provisional ballot?

I went to my usual polling place and the poll worker told me I was not on the roster, but gave me a provisional ballot. Will my votes count?

Vote by Mail Ballots

I do not vote by mail, and plan to vote at my polling place. Why was I sent a ballot in the mail?

I lost my Vote by Mail ballot. What should I do?

I lost my envelope to return my Vote by Mail ballot. What should I do?

I sent my Vote by Mail ballot back. Can you confirm you received it?

I forgot to mail my Vote by Mail ballot. Will it count as long as I have it postmarked before midnight on Election Day?

I heard that Vote by Mail ballots are only counted if a contest is close. Is that true?

Candidates & Political Campaigns

I am the treasurer for a campaign committee. What am I supposed to do?

I’d like to run for public office. How do I get my name on the ballot?