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Information for Voters Impacted by Disaster

Voting Options After a Disaster

If your residence has been destroyed by a disaster in Sonoma County, you should take action to preserve your voting options.

Ballots and other election materials cannot be forwarded to other addresses.

You have two options for updating your voting information:

  1. You may choose to stay registered at your current address and update your mailing address.
    • This option is for those who are planning on rebuilding or reoccupying the existing property, and want to continue voting in their current districts.
    • There is not a time limit on this option (you do not need to rebuild or move back in a specified period of time).
    • You may contact our office directly by phone at (707) 565-6800 or email at to update your mailing address.
      • You will need to provide your name, the address of your disaster-impacted residence, and your current mailing address.
  2. You may choose to register at your new address.
    • This option is for those who do not plan to return to their disaster-impacted property, or who wish to vote in the districts in which they temporarily reside.

If your plans are uncertain at this time, you may choose either option.