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Draft Minutes Planning and Funding Committee Meeting July 1, 2020

Present: Jenny Helman (Chair), Rick Baum, Lea Black, Sean Madison, Diane Spain, Erin Stroud, Terry Kelly (Ex Officio)
Non-Committee Advisory Councilmembers: Cynthia Scarborough, Rosa Reynoza, Peter Holewinksi
Absent: Sean Madison
Staff: Tracy Repp, Katie Parrish, Diana Stone
Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Helman) – Meeting called to order at 1:00 PM, all welcomed and introductions made.
  2. Approval of March 2020(Motion) to approve Planning and Funding (P&F) meeting minutes from March 4, 2020. Spain/Black (MSC). Approved Unanimously. Ayes – 8, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0.
  3. Election of Committee Chair for FY20-21 (Helman)
    1. Diane Spain volunteers as committee chair for FY 20-21
    2. (Motion) to nominate Diane Spain to committee chair for FY20-21, Chairship lasts for two years and begins at next committee meeting. Baum/Kelley (MSC). Approved. Ayes – 7, Noes – 0, Abstentions - 1
  4. Request for Proposals (RFP) for FY 21-25 (Helman and Parrish)
    1. Timeline of committee input on process includes meeting in August for approvals to move the process forward • There are new programs under Categorical Title III-B Supportive Services that could be released through the RFP that Sonoma County AAA is not currently funding. This could fall under the “Other Services” Category to solicit proposals that could be enacted if/when there is additional funding to allocate for such programs. AAA will not be required to fund the proposal, but allows the P&F Committee the ability to fund proposed programs if proposals identify an unmet need, or if the need is identified in the future.
    2. Potential New Programs under “Other Services” for consideration in the RFP include:
      1. Cash/Material Aid
      2. Emergency Preparedness
      3. Residential Repairs/Modifications
      4. Senior Center Activities
      5. Telephone Reassurance
    3. (Motion) to include the existing programs in the Request for Proposals. Spain/Black (MSC). Approved Unanimously. Ayes – 8, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0
    4. (Motion) to include the “Other Services” category in the Request for Proposals. Spain/Baum (MSC). Approved Unanimously. Ayes – 8, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0
    5. (Motion) to include all five of the potential new programs in the “Other Services” category in the Request for Proposals. Kelley/Black (MSC). Approved Unanimously. Ayes – 8, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0
    6. Scarborough - Is there a way to add some language into the RFP around assisting older adults with technology?
    7. Staff will present approximate total funding amounts available and service units targets for each program for proposers to use as a guide for proposal submission as a recommendation at August 5 Planning and Funding committee meeting
  5. CARES Act Funding Recommendations (Helman and Repp)
    1. AAA received 1,096,545 from CARES Act. The funding is more flexible than yearly funding from the California Department of Aging Older Americans Act funding.
    2. Methodology for the Staff recommendation:
      1. Can be used to fund 2020-2021 programs back to the level they had at the end of FY2019-2020 which includes increases received in FY1920
      2. Can supplement decreases between FY1920 to FY2021 funding
      3. Ombusdsman funding will be allocated to Senior Advocacy Services as that is the only agency providing the service
      4. Unallocated balances for categorical titles III-B Supportive Services, III-C Home Delivered Meals to be allocated for future emergency needs
      5. Funding to be allocated to programs proportionate to number of individuals served and/or number of service units provided
      6. Transportation providers to receive increase due to reduction in Caltrans Funding in FY2020-2021
  6. Wrap-up and Next Steps
    1. Talked about the potential of having a second meeting in July 2020, but committee decided against this and have 8/4/20 meeting be the next meeting
  7. Adjourn at 2:38 PM

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