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Human Services Department

Adult and Aging Division

Linkages Care Management

Older adult talking with her social worker outside

Get Help Planning Goals for Your Life with a Social Worker

The Linkages Social Worker works with the you to create a plan based on the goals you identify to improve your life situation.  The Linkages Social Worker helps to create action steps and track those goals during a 6 month to 1-year period. The Linkages Social Worker will stay in contact by telephone and will make in-home visits.

Is Linkages Care Management right for me?

  • Are you 60+?
  • Are you 18-59 y/o with a disability, medical condition impacting your ability to safely live at home?
  • Do you want to work toward goals for your life with a social worker?
  • Do you need help at home to stay healthy and safe?
  • Have you had a recent change in your life (like the loss of a spouse or a new medical diagnosis) that you need help with?

Find out More About Linkages and Other Resources 

Call 707-565-INFO (707-565-4636) and talk with a social worker about whether Linkages Care Management is the right service for you. There may be other services that can help you as well.

How to Apply

You or your caregiver can complete and submit the online application or call 707-565-4636.