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Human Services Department

Human Services Department

Upstream Investments

The goal of Upstream Investments is to use collective impact to improve outcomes across Sonoma County. In partnership with Sonoma County's Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator's Office, over 100 community-based organizations, government agencies, funders, schools and businesses are working together to invest early, wisely and together to support our Sonoma County community.  

Upstream Investments is a unit within the Office of Planning, Research, Evaluation and Engagement (PREE) in HSD's Administrative Services Division. 

Major Initiatives

  • Anti-Racist Results-based Accountability (AR-RBA)
  • ARPA Community Resilience Program (CRP) 
  • Shared Outcomes Measurement System (SOMS)
  • Community Engagement 

For more information, visit our website at: Upstream Investments


Lynn Peralta

Assistant Director
Sonoma County Human Services Department   
Phone: (707) 565-3812 

Kellie Noe
Program Development Manager
Sonoma County Human Services Department
Phone: (707) 565-5849