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Human Services Department

Family, Youth, and Children Division

Family, Youth & Children Division

We believe all children and their families deserve stable, nurturing homes, supportive environments, and a sense of personal empowerment and hope. Communities thrive when children are safe and families are strong with the supports the need.

Child Protective Services

Sonoma County’s Family, Youth & Children’s Services responds to reports of child abuse or neglect.  Any individual can call our hotline to report any suspected child abuse. All reports are confidential.

Foster Care

Foster parents are also known as Resource Families. Resource Family Approval is the State of California process that an adult, relative, family friend or adoptive family completes to be approved to provide a caring home for foster children and youth.\

Valley of the Moon Children’s Center

With the support of the community, the Family, Youth and Children’s Division ensures that children or teens who have experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse, abandonment or neglect at home have a safe place to go.  As Sonoma County’s only 24-hour emergency shelter for foster youth, Valley of the Moon Children’s Center is a caring stable place where children can begin to heal from trauma.  The Center provide temporary care for children and teens while child welfare professionals work to find a qualified foster family or relative caregiver who can provide care for them until we determine if they can safely return home.

Redwood Children’s Center

The Redwood Children's Center (RCC) is located within the Family Justice Center in Santa Rosa.  RCC is a welcoming place, where children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities can be interviewed about allegations of physical or sexual abuse or domestic violence. The professionals you’ll meet here want to make your visit as comfortable as possible.