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Human Resources Department

Western Council of Engineers (WCE)

2023 - 2026 WCE Memorandum of Understanding:   Article 37: Full Understanding, Modification, Waiver

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What’s on this Page

  • 37.1 MOU – Full Understanding
  • 37.2 MOU – Meet and Confer Waiver
  • 37.3 MOU – Modification
  • 37.4 Civil Service Commission Authority
  • 37.5 MOU – Non-Precedent Setting
  • 37.6 Incorporate Side Letters into MOU

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37.1 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Full Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding sets forth the full and entire understanding of the parties regarding the matters set forth herein. Any other prior or existing understanding or agreements by the parties, whether formal or informal, regarding any such matters are hereby superseded or terminated in their entirety.

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37.2 MOU – Meet and Confer Waiver

Except as specifically provided herein, it is agreed and understood that the Council voluntarily and unqualifiedly waives its right to, and releases the County from, any obligation to meet and confer on any subject or matter contained herein. The Council acknowledges that County has fulfilled its obligations under Government Code Section 3505 for the term of this agreement, July 19, 2016 (date of Board adoption) through July 1, 2018.

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37.3 MOU – Modification

No agreement, alteration, understanding, variation, waiver, or modification of any of the terms or provisions contained herein shall in any manner be binding upon the parties hereto, unless made and executed in writing by the parties hereto, and if required, approved and implemented by County's Board of Supervisors and Board of Directors of Sonoma County Water Agency.

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37.4 Civil Service Commission Authority

Nothing in this Memorandum shall be construed to limit or remove the existing or future jurisdiction or authority of the Civil Service Commission as provided in Ordinance No. 305-A as amended, or as provided in the Rules adopted hereunder.

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37.5 MOU – Non-Precedent Setting

The waiver of any breach, term, or condition of this Memorandum of Understanding by either party shall not constitute a precedent in the future enforcement of all its terms and provisions.

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37.6 Incorporate Side Letters into MOU

All side letters or other agreements not attached to or incorporated into this agreement are no longer valid. This MOU constitutes the entire agreement between the Council and the County.

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