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Western Council of Engineers (WCE)

2023 - 2026 WCE Memorandum of Understanding:   Article 46: Disaster Leave

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  • Article 46: Disaster Leave

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Article 46: Disaster Leave

When there has been a natural disaster of a magnitude that requires the Board of Supervisors to proclaim a County State of Emergency, the County will enact this disaster leave provision.

During the proclaimed emergency period and for up to one year from the termination of the said proclamation, County employees may donate accrued compensatory time and vacation leave to other County employees who have lost work time because they have been a victim of a disaster affecting their primary residence. For up to one year from the termination of said proclamation, impacted employees may use up to 320 hours of donated leave. Such donated time will not exceed the total amount of time lost by the receiving employee including vacation, compensatory time used and any unpaid leave incurred. Unused donated time at the expiration of the leave provision period will be returned to the donor.

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