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Human Resources Department

Western Council of Engineers (WCE)

2019 - 2023 WCEMemorandum of Understanding:   Article 6: Rights of Western Council Officers, Representatives and Members

Western Council of Engineers

6.1 Access to Work Locations

Western Council officers and representatives may be granted reasonable access to employee work locations, with the consent of the appointing authority, for the purpose of contacting members concerning business within the scope of representation.

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6.2 Grievance Processing

Western Council may designate one unit member who shall be granted a reasonable amount of time off without loss of compensation to represent an aggrieved unit member under the County's grievance procedure. Grievance representatives, when leaving their work location to represent an employee, shall first obtain permission from their immediate supervisor and also from the grievant's supervisor.

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6.3 Meeting Space

Upon request by Western Council, the County may grant use of its County facilities for meetings composed of represented unit members, provided such meetings are held outside regularly scheduled working hours for the group which is meeting, and provided space can be made available without interfering with County needs.

Western Council agrees to provide proper advance notice to the appropriate department head or his representative and pay any contingent costs of security, supervision, damage and cleanup.

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6.4 Data Run – All Employees in Units

The County will provide the WCE with a monthly data run of the names, class titles, departments, work email, home addresses, and work locations of all employees within the bargaining units covered by this Memorandum of Understanding.  The WCE recognizes and respects the legal right of each employee to the employee’s privacy and agrees not to use any information obtained pursuant to these provisions for any reason not authorized by law, or to allow others to use the information for commercial gain, nor in any manner that would violate those rights.  With respect to this promise, the WCE agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the County, its officers, employees, and agents, from any claim, liability, or damage arising from the WCE's breach of its duty under this Section (6.4).

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6.5 New Employee Orientation

  1. The County shall notify new employees hired into the bargaining unit represented by the WCE that the WCE is the recognized employee organization for the employee’s classification. Within 30 days of hire into the bargaining unit, one WCE representative will have the opportunity to make a 30-minute presentation at each new employee orientation program presented by the County Human Resources Department. In addition, the WCE will have the opportunity to make a 10-minute presentation at each new employee orientation program presented by any department orientation program (not to include payroll sign-ups). The County will notify the WCE of a new employee orientation at least ten (10) calendar days in advance, except that a shorter notice may be provided in a specific instance where there is an urgent need critical to the County’s operations that was not reasonably foreseeable. In addition, the County shall provide the WCE with an electronic list of expected participants at least 72 hours in advance of the employee orientation. Each new employee shall receive a copy of the WCE's standard introductory packet, or any other WCE-related materials, copies of which shall be provided by the WCE. 
  2. The County shall provide the WCE a copy of the sign-in sheet, including the bargaining unit, within five (5) business days after each new employee orientation program presented by the County Human Resources Department.
  3. Within 90 days of hire into the bargaining unit, an employee who does not attend the orientation program presented by the County Human Resources Department, upon the WCE's request shall be authorized for County release time to attend a 30-minute make-up session with a WCE representative  during regular working hours onsite. 
  4. One WCE designee shall be granted 30 minutes County release time plus reasonable release time for necessary travel to present on the WCE’s behalf at the orientation program conducted by the County Human Resources Department or make-up sessions. 
  5. County management / designees shall be absent from the room during any orientation program or make-up sessions conducted by the WCE with employees.

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