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2023 - 2026 WCE Memorandum of Understanding: Article 23: Compassionate Leave

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  • Article 23: Compassionate Leave

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Article 23: Compassionate Leave

A full‑time or part‑time employee may be granted up to thirty-two (32) hours of leave with pay, in the event of death of the employee's spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, child-in-law, sibling, sibling-in-law, grandparent, great-grandparent, grandchild or person with whom the employee has a relationship of in loco parentis, or the parent of the employee or of the spouse of the employee.  With respect to this Article, the term “spouse” shall also include domestic partner and the term ‘parent” is as defined in Section 22.2.c.2.  Up to an additional eight (8) hours of Sick Leave may be used to supplement Compassionate Leave. Where travel in excess of 300 miles one way from the employee’s residence is required, up to an additional one (1) of the employee’s regular work days of sick leave may be used to supplement compassionate leave.  Up to an additional forty (40) hours of accrued vacation leave or accrued comp time off may be granted to supplement compassionate leave upon request.

Part-time employees shall be eligible for a pro-rated bereavement leave benefit that is computed by multiplying the total normal biweekly hours by 0.40 (e.g. 40 hrs. x 0.40 for half-time employees = 16 hrs.)  Ongoing work schedule for purposes of this Section shall mean an average of the two (2) pay periods immediately preceding the need for bereavement leave or the employee’s normal biweekly allocation of hours, whichever is greater.

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