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Human Resources Department

Western Council of Engineers (WCE)

2023 - 2026 WCE Memorandum of Understanding: Article 8: Communications

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What’s on this Page:

  • 8.1 Messenger Service
  • 8.2 Bulletin Boards
  • 8.3 Memorandum of Understanding – Distribution

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8.1 Messenger Service

The County's interdepartmental messenger service may be used for individual business-oriented communication between employees who are represented by the Council and between the paid staff of the Council and such employees, provided that paid staff of the Council shall pick up and deliver all written communications outside the County's normal distribution route. The Council understands that the continuance or discontinuance of the interdepartmental messenger service is a matter within the sole discretion of the County.

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8.2 Bulletin Boards

The County will furnish adequate bulletin board space. Bulletin boards shall be located in mutually acceptable areas and shall, when reasonably possible, be out of plain view of the public. All materials to be posted on said boards shall be in good taste and strictly impersonal in nature and limited to the legitimate business of the Council. Prior to posting, any material shall be plainly and legibly initialed by an authorized representative of the Council.

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8.3 Memorandum of Understanding – Distribution

The parties agree that the County shall have this Memorandum available on-line at the County’s inter-net and intra-net sites.

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