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Santa Rosa, Commissions and Committees

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Board, Commission or Committee NameDescriptionTerm
Art in Public Places CommitteeThe Art in Public Places Committee (APPC) oversees the Public Art Program in Santa Rosa. The Public Art Program is intended to enrich civic life, give voice to the unique creative spirit of Santa Rosa, and galvanize the City's reputation as an arts destination. The Program integrates a wide range of art into public spaces, creating a livable community and contributing to economic development. 4 years
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory BoardThe City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board provides guidance in the preparation of the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan by identifying pedestrian and bicycle projects and advising on the priority of those projects. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan includes the background, analysis of the existing pedestrian and bike pathways, recommendations for new pedestrian and bike pathways, bicycle and pedestrian accident analysis, pedestrian and bicycle education and safety programs, and pedestrian and bicycle amenities.4 years
Board of Building Regulation AppealsThe Board of Building Regulation Appeals (BOBRA) is charged with the task of determining the suitability of alternate materials and types of construction, and to provide reasonable interpretations of the provisions of the City of Santa Rosa Building and Safety Code.
Board of Community ServicesThe Board of Community Services reviews City recreational and cultural policies, facilities and programs, and advises the City Council on their adequacy and effectiveness, as well as advising Council on matters relating to community beautification. The Board also assists the Director of Recreation and Parks in the formulation of rules and regulations for the use of City parks and recreational facilities.4 years
Board of Public UtilitiesThe Board of Public Utilities (BPU), established by City Charter Section 25, is comprised of seven (7) members individually appointed by City Council members. The BPU has general policy authority and direction over the management and operation of the City's water and wastewater facilities. The Board also directs other water operations managed by the City and water facilities owned or operated by the City.4 years
Community Advisory BoardThe Community Advisory Board (CAB) represents views and ideas from the broader community on issues of interest to the City Council. The CAB and the City Council jointly decide on the topics on which they will seek input. The topics have a broad community interest, not just a narrow, neighborhood-based focus. The City Charter requires the CAB to advise the City Council on public safety issues, capital improvement priorities, involvement plans for development issues, and recommendations on public improvement funds that are allocated to the city council.
Cultural Heritage BoardPrincipal duties of the Board include undertaking and updating historic inventories or surveys, recommending designation of Landmarks and Preservation Districts, reviewing proposed alterations to historic buildings, and promoting public awareness of preservation issues. If you are in a historic district or would like more information regarding historic districts, please see the Processing Review Procedures for Owners of Historic Properties. There are currently eight designated Preservation Districts in Santa Rosa: Burbank Gardens, Cherry Street, McDonald, Olive Park, Railroad Square, Ridgway, St. Rose, and West End. At the request of property owners, other potential districts may be considered. Preservation Districts are composed of both contributors and non-contributors to their districts
Design Review BoardDesign Review Board serves as custodian of the City's design policies. The Board reviews both public and private development proposals to ensure that Santa Rosa remains attractive and maintains a "sense of place" which the General Plan sets forth as "unique to Santa Rosa." The Design Review Board reviews design proposals in light of adopted design review policies set forth in the City's Design Review Guidelines. The Board reviews development proposals that have neighborhood compatibility issues and major developments that may have significance to the City's aesthetic character.
Measure "O" Oversight Committee On August 3, 2004, the Council adopted Ordinance 3680 (PDF) which imposed a special transactions and use tax to generate revenues to be utilized for specific Police, Fire and gang prevention and intervention programs, as set forth in the Ordinance. The special tax ballot measure, known as Measure O (M-O), was approved by over two-thirds of the voters and the election results certified on December 7, 2004. The ordinance sets forth permissible uses for the revenue generated, and allocates proceeds from the tax in the following manner: Police 40%, Fire 40%, and Gang Prevention and Intervention 20%. This committee acts only as an oversight capacity and does not set policy.
Planning Commission The Planning Commission provides an invaluable service to the City of Santa Rosa by implementing plans, ordinances and policies relating to land use matters; assisting in writing and implementing the General Plan and area plans; holding public hearings and acting on proposed changes to the Zoning Code, Zoning Map, General Plan, tentative subdivision maps, and undertaking special planning studies as needed. Ultimately the Planning Commission is charged with carrying out the California Planning and Zoning Laws in the City of Santa Rosa and was established by Santa Rosa City Ordinance 1415.