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Human Resources Department

Commission on the Status of Women


The Commission on the Status of Women was established on December 23, 1975 (Ordinance No. 1850) with the charge to “take affirmative action to eliminate the practice of discrimination and prejudice because of gender in the areas of housing, education, community services, and related fields.” 

Since that time, appointed Commissioners have worked tirelessly, on a voluntary basis, to keep Sonoma County’s governing body aware of the issues that impact women and girls in the County.  Here you will find resolutions adopted by the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors at the request of the Commission.  For more information on the current ways Commissioners uphold the charge tasked to them, please see our Mission Statement and What We Do

Womens History Project

In 1980, the National Women’s History Project was founded in Santa Rosa, California. Recognizing the dignity and accomplishments of women leads to higher self-esteem among girls, and greater respect among boys and men. The results can be remarkable – from increasing achievement levels of girls in school to less violence against women – leading to more stable and cooperative communities.