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Human Resources Department

Commission on the Status of Women

Cotati, Commissions and Committees

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    Board, Commission or Committee NameDescriptionTerm
    Design Review CommitteeThe Design Review Committee assists the Planning Commission in carrying out its duties by formulating guidelines, reviewing proposals, and making recommendations to the Planning Commission in order to ensure that the site and structural elements of developments are harmonious with the unique environmental, cultural and functional aspects of Cotati.2 years
    Measure G Citizen Oversight CommitteeOn June 3, 2014, Cotati voters approved Measure G, the Cotati Essential Services Measure, amending Cotati Municipal Code Chapter 3.05 to extend the City's existing Measure A sales tax and set the rate at one cent for nine years, with annual audits and independent citizens' oversight of Measure G revenue and expenses, and on September 8, 2015, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2015-64 establishing the 5-member Measure G Citizen Oversight Committee to provide the required oversight of Measure G revenue and expenditures.Serve in accordance with the process for the Planning Commission
    Planning Commission The Planning Commission administers and implements land use policies established pursuant to the Cotati Municipal Code. Term coincides with appointing council member