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Human Resources Department

Commission on the Status of Women

Mission Statement and What We Do

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The purpose of the Commission on the Status of Women is to promote equal rights and opportunities that enhance the quality of life for all women and girls, and to address issues of discrimination and prejudice that negatively affect women in Sonoma County.

We use our collective voice to influence decision-makers and empower the community to eliminate systemic barriers to full equity. We work to ensure women have social mobility, economic autonomy, reproductive freedom, and equitable representation in leadership roles.

In support of the mission statement above, the Commission focuses on the following:

  • Study, research, and report on the needs of women and on conditions that demonstrate discrimination or prejudice that affect women and girls in Sonoma County.
  • Prepare and disseminate information regarding the needs and issues of women and girls.
  • Advocate for women and girls.
  • Identify potential gaps in services for women and girls that are the result of discrimination or prejudice.
  • Consult, cooperate with, and recommend to the Board of Supervisors, and other appropriate public agencies, the necessary procedures, programs, or legislation needed to promote and ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and girls.
  • Highlight the often unrecognized contributions of women and girls throughout all sectors in our community.
  • Refer Sonoma County residents to appropriate resources for help and assistance surrounding issues involving discrimination or prejudice based on gender.