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Human Resources Department

Commission on the Status of Women

Sonoma County Spirit Award Project

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The Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women has been awarding 5 winners of the Sonoma County Spirit Award annually since 2021. This award was created to honor people in our community who uplift, empower, and support women and girls in Sonoma County.

The Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is proud to announce our third annual Sonoma County Spirit Award! We are excited to recognize five outstanding leaders in 2023 and continue to highlight people improving the lives of women and girls for years to come. Winners will be announced and presented at the March 2023 Commission on the Status of Women meeting.

Our theme this year is "Building Bridges - Forging Unity." Our judges will highlight people actively working to build bridges across divides of race, gender, class and politics to deepen empathy and understanding, inspiring collective action to make concrete changes in our community to achieve greater equity and inclusion, particularly for women and girls. Award winners will be people who consistently leverage their own power, privilege, influence and/or position to lift up and amplify the voices of those in our community who are marginalized, setting a clear example of cultural humility and respect.

Please nominate a resident of Sonoma County who has made a positive impact on women and girls in our community. Deadline is February 12, 2023 at 5pm. 

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Ad hoc members: Commissioner Gina Fortino-Dickson, Angie Dillon-Shore and Former Commissioner Caitlin Quinn

2022 Spirit Award Winners:

District 1: Lisa Diaz-McQuaid, for her work empowering indigenous women and survivors of human trafficking.
District 2: Jasmine Palmer, for her work saving Athena House and its programs from closure earlier this year.
District 3: Nadia Leal, for her work supporting students and their families at Roseland Elementary School.
District 4: Brigitte Mansell, for her work mentoring young people and developing climate activism.
District 5: Dr. Roam Romagnoli, for their work as a professor teaching systems-impacted and incarcerated women.

2021 Spirit Award Winners:

District 1: Larkin O’Leary, for her work with families with children with disabilities.
District 2: Dennis Pocekay, for his work with migrants and refugees.
District 3: Leslie Graves, for her work with the Women's March and related projects.
District 4: Alma Bowen, for her work preparing the community for emergencies.
District 5: Elizabeth (Liz) Quiroz, for her work with survivors of human trafficking.