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Weekly Roundup for May 19, 2023

Published: May 19, 2023

Today’s digest provides helpful and important news on the following:

  • Tree Protection ordinance
  • Family Justice Center Summit
  • Other Sonoma County news

Tree Protection ordinance

Trees don’t just add to the beauty of Sonoma County’s landscape, but they also help keep our air and water clean and provide habitat for wildlife in Sonoma County. However, trees are being damaged or killed from climate change, development, fire and disease, sometimes forcing their removal.

It raises an important question: How should Sonoma County protect trees? We want your help answering that question.

The county’s Tree Protection Ordinance currently applies to a small number of projects where native trees with trunks over 6” across are removed. Property owners are required to plant new trees or pay for the county to plant trees.

Permit Sonoma is considering whether to expand protections for oak woodlands and other types of trees. We want to better understand your priorities. Help shape policy by taking the survey here:

Family Justice Center Summit

Join District Attorney Carla Rodriguez and the Family Justice Center of Sonoma County on May 24 for a daylong community summit in Santa Rosa examining innovative solutions to improve the safety and wellbeing of families.

Speakers will explore the impact of trauma on families, restorative justice and healing, and progressive solutions that address the root causes of family violence, including poverty, homelessness and economic insecurity.

Rodriguez will be joined by Gael Strack, CEO and co-founder of Alliance for HOPE International,  and Casey Gwinn, the organization’s president. The San Diego nonprofit focuses on creating innovative, collaborative, trauma-informed, hope-centered approaches to meeting the needs of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children.

Register in advance for the community summit here:

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