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SoCo Correspondent

Life is busy. Below is a brief overview of Sonoma County news and information.

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June 2022 SoCo Correspondent

Welcome to the June edition of the Sonoma County Correspondent. The first of our summer editions includes updates on the drought situation here in Sonoma County, the latest on the most recent COVID-19 surge as well as county initiatives to improve our roads, reduce homelessness and help rural residents create defensible spaces around their homes. Plus, you’ll find useful information about voting in the June 7 election and enjoying the Russian River this summer without the hassle of finding a parking spot. Let’s get to it!


Mayo 2022 SoCo Correspondent

¡Bienvenidos a la edición de mayo del Corresponsal del Condado de Sonoma! En la edición de este mes, les ofrecemos las últimas noticias sobre el estado de la pandemia de COVID-19 en el Condado de Sonoma, un reporte acerca de los $4.3 millones en nuevas inversiones para reducir la amenaza de incendios, los cambios que se han hecho a como votaremos en la elección primaria del 7 de junio, una actualización sobre la importante expansión del aeropuerto del condado y mucho más.


May 2022 SoCo Correspondent

Welcome to the May edition of the Sonoma County Correspondent! In this month’s issue, we offer the latest news on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sonoma County, a report about $4.3 million in new investments to reduce the threat of wildfires, changes that have been made to how we will vote in the June 7 primary election, an update on a major expansion at the county airport and much more.


April 2022 SoCo Correspondent

Spring finds Sonoma County in a place of gratitude - grateful to be on the downside of the recent COVID surge and eager for new beginnings. In today’s edition of the SoCo Correspondent, you’ll learn how the county is looking toward the future on a number of fronts including emergency preparedness, sustainable construction and the development of new tools to help residents of the county find assistance, whether it's food, housing or medical support. We also include an update on how the county is looking to boost micro businesses hurt by the pandemic. Learn about these initiatives and more — including some suggestions for where to view our abundant wildflowers this spring — in our April edition of the SoCo Correspondent.


Abril 2022 SoCo Correspondent

La primavera es la estación de los nuevos comienzos. En la edición de este mes, usted conocerá como está trabajando el Condado esta primavera para prepararse para el futuro. Hemos actualizado nuestros planes de emergencia para hacerlos más accesibles para todas las personas. Estamos tomando acciones para reducir el desamparo, cambiar instalaciones clave para que usen fuentes de energía limpias, estamos ayudando a los micro negocios que fueron afectados por la pandemia y estamos protegiendo a un programa que salva vidas y que estaba amenazado por los recortes presupuestales. Conozca acerca de estas iniciativas y más — incluyendo algunos buenos lugares para disfrutar de las hermosas flores silvestres de primavera — en la edición de abril del Corresponsal SoCo.


March 2022 SoCo Correspondent

Two years ago this week, a local lab detected the first case of COVID-19 in Sonoma County. Few could have imagined the challenges we would face - or how long this crisis would last. Over the next 24 months, more than 82,000 cases would be detected in Sonoma County. Our elders and members of disadvantaged communities would be hit the hardest, but everyone’s life was changed in ways big and small. Now, with 80 percent of our county’s eligible population protected by vaccines, we are entering a new phase of the pandemic, with cases, hospitalizations and deaths all in decline. Although it is too soon to declare an end to the pandemic, the key metrics are moving in the right direction. This month’s edition has the latest information on our fight against COVID-19 and other important news about Sonoma County.


February 2022 SoCo Correspondent

Welcome back to a revived and revitalized SoCo Correspondent, Sonoma County’s digital newsletter. The Correspondent will offer countywide news, feature stories and project updates as well as links to upcoming events, recent stories in the media, surveys and other important information. This is part of our ongoing effort to make sure you are getting the information and resources that you need for yourself, your family and/or your business, school, nonprofit agency and community. We also hope to use this platform to get your feedback on programs, projects and current trends so we can better represent and serve you and the entire county. We thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and encourage you to share the link with others on how to subscribe.