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Sonoma County Annual Reports

Investing in beautiful, thriving & sustainable communities for all

Sonoma County Annual Report 2018:
A year of recovery and resiliency.

Despite the immense challenges our community faced in 2018, we persevered and made significant progress toward recovering and building a more resilient Sonoma County.

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Sonoma County Annual Report 2017:
Together, we are strong, we are resilient, we are Sonoma County.

As we reflect on the past year and look forward to the next, the vital role the County plays in improving the lives of the people and communities we serve has become all the more clear. We are living and working with a pre-and-post fire frame of reference – just like every county resident, business, government agency, and nonprofit.

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Sonoma County Annual Report 2016:
Investing in beautiful, thriving & sustainable communities

The County of Sonoma is comprised of 27 departments and agencies that provide a full range of services to the community. Sonoma County encompasses over 1,600 square miles and is home to 500,000 residents. Sonoma County government has a history of providing excellent and responsive public service while operating under sound fiscal principles.

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Sonoma County Annual Report 2015:
Investing in beautiful, thriving & sustainable communities

In 2015, we were fortunate to celebrate the continued improvement of our local economy and took strides to finance our strategic priorities. This Annual Report highlights some of our proudest accomplishments in 2015 in key priority areas including services for our youth and seniors, outdoor recreation and sustainability, and housing and transportation.

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Sonoma County Annual Report 2014:
Enrich, Inspire, Connect

In 2014, as the economy continued to improve, the County worked to strategically enrich the quality of life in Sonoma County through superior public service. We connected with our community in new and creative ways, including an emphasis on youth engagement and focusing resources on neighborhoods where investments have the greatest impact.

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Sonoma County Annual Report 2013:
Invest, Innovate, Collaborate

Sonoma County is moving into 2014 with incredible opportunities. Through the difficult work of the Board of Supervisors, County Department Heads, and our staff, we have been able to reset the County's fiscal position. As a result of this discipline, we are beginning to make investments in our infrastructure and community that advance our County's Strategic Plan. We are rebuilding our organization with an eye toward the future and innovation.

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