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County Administrator's Office

Budget Inquiry Requests

FY 2021-22 Budget Workshop Board Inquiry Requests (BIR)

During the April 2021 Budget Workshops, Board Members submitted nearly 140 Board Inquiry Requests (BIRs) for information. Given the compressed timeframe to respond to these inquiries in time for budget hearings, staff prioritized those items relevant to the adoption of the FY 21-22 Budget. Responses to approximately 70 BIRs were provided to Board Members during the June Budget Hearings. The remaining Board inquiries are posted on this webpage.

April 2021 Budget Workshop BIRs

Inquiry Number(s)    Title    Department(s)   
BIR-001 Inmate Drug Treatment Programs Sheriff / Health Services
BIR-006 Mobile Response Team (MRT) Sheriff
BIR-010 Fleet Intern Program General Services
BIR-015 Fleet Combustion Engine Reduction Efforts General Services
BIR-021 Race Equity Training for Community Based Organizations (CBO) Office of Equity
BIR-022 Traditional Housing & Housing Navigation Health Services/CDC/Probation
BIR-025, 026, 093 Supervisorial District Budgets County Administrator
BIR-033 Veteran's Buildings Deferred Maintenance General Services
BIR-038 Former Projects of CDC CDC
BIR-041 HEART/IMDT Health Services
BIR-042 Human Services Unmet Needs Human Services
BIR-058, 100 Regional Parks Bike Paths TPW / Regional Parks
BIR-066 Jail Behavioral Health & Homeless Population Sheriff
BIR-068 Equity Drive Projects Office of Equity
BIR-069 Grant Opportunities County Administrator
BIR-071 Supervised Work Crews Probation
BIR-071 Supervised Work Crews - Attachment 1 Contracts List Probation
BIR-078, 133, 134, 135, 136 Long Term Roads Plan/PPP TPW
BIR-080 Parks Forecasting Strategy Regional Parks
BIR-085 Health Care System Analysis Health Services
BIR-086 Parks Historic Trends Regional Parks
BIR-089 Upstream Investments Human Services
BIR-090 Procurement Policies and Procedures General Services
BIR-091 Park Development Costs Regional Parks
BIR-098 ACCESS Program Tracking Health Services
BIR-099 Services Locations Human Services
BIR-104 PIO Staffing County Administrator
BIR-106 Performance Measures County Administrator
BIR-109 General Fund Contribution for Tourism Impacts County Administrator
BIR-112 Economic Development Board Funding Plan EDB
BIR-121 Equity Work Product Office of Equity