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Department of Health Services

Behavioral Health Division

MHSA Steering Committee Member Recruitment

Published: January 13, 2020

The Department of Health Services Behavioral Health Division (DHS-BHD) is currently recruiting members for the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is a key stakeholder group that participates in the Community Program Planning Process (CPPP). MHSA regulations require an inclusive and on-going CPPP to:

  • Gather input about experiences with MHSA Programs and the current mental health system
  • Gauge the overall impact and effectiveness of such programs
  • Record recommendations for improvement of programs and processes
  • Acknowledge feedback regarding future and/or unmet needs


The draft mission of the committee is to transform the Sonoma County mental health system to provide effective prevention services for the community and early intervention and on-going innovative services for individuals with psychiatric disabilities to achieve a high quality of life.

The Steering Committee assists DHS-BHD in determining how best to improve existing programs and to utilize funds that may become available for the MHSA components and ensure this process complies with State regulations. MHSA regulations also state that Counties are to ensure that stakeholders that reflect the diversity of the demographics of the county, including, but not limited to, geographic location, age, gender, and race/ethnicity have the opportunity to participate in the CPPP (CCR § 3300). 

Stakeholders shall include (CCR § 3200.270, § 3200.300):

  • Clients and consumers      
  • Families of children, adults and seniors clients/consumers
  • Providers of social services
  • Providers of mental health and substance use treatment services
  • Education field        
  • Persons with disabilities, including providers
  • Health care
  • Veterans and/or representatives form veterans organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Other interests (faith-based, adult and aging services, youth advocates)
  • College-age youth
  • Individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic groups including, but not limited to: 
    • Latino
    • Chinese
    • Native American
    • Vietnamese
    • Pacific Islander
    • African-American
    • Filipino
    • LGBTQ


The committee currently has 20 active members that fulfill some of the demographics above. The committee is in need of 6-8 new members representing the following demographics:

  • Consumers, peers
  • North County
  • Sonoma Valley
  • Latino
  • African American
  • Disabilities
  • TAY/Youth
  • Housing/Homeless representation


The committee meets at least four times annually, and also offers opportunities to serve on subcommittees. Since March 2019 the committee has been involved with the following activities:

  • Reviewing and discussing the FY 19-20 Annual Update and Expenditure Plan
  • Innovation 2020 (INN 2020)
    • Developing and disseminating INN 2020 application, scoring criteria and FAQs
    • Scoring INN 2020 applications
    • Recommending INN 2020 finalists to DHS
  • MHSA Capacity Assessment
  • MHSA Three-Year Planning


If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete and submit the application by January 31, 2020 to:

Bruce Robbins: and

Melissa Ladrech:

Sonoma County MHSA Steering Committee Member Application (PDF: 251 Kb)

Subject line: MHSA Steering Committee Application 2020_last name