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Department of Health Services

Public Health Regional Laboratory

Lyme Disease - Borrelia burgdorferi


Please note that for all tick-borne disease serology tests, only one specimen is needed to complete all tests requested.


ELISA IgG/IgM Screen. Reactive and equivocal IgG/IgM ELISA’s are reflexed to individual IgG and IgM ELISA confirmatory tests with additional charges. All specimens will be tested first with the IgG/IgM screening ELISA to enable accurate result interpretation.

Testing Algorithm

Testing Algorithm 500

Download printable version (PDF: 118 kb)

  • IgG/IgM Screening ELISA
    1. Negative for Lyme Disease by ELISA
    2. Positive or Equivocal:
      Reflexes to separate ELISA for IgM (A) and IgG (B)
  1. IgM ELISA
    1. Positive or Equivocal ⇒ IGM Positive 
    2. Negative ⇒ IGM Negative
  2. IgG ELISA
    1. Positive or Equivocal ⇒ IgG Positive
    2. Negative ⇒ IgG Negative 

CPT Code

86618 - ELISA (up to 3)

Acceptable Specimens

1 mL of serum

Specimen Storage

Store specimen in the refrigerator (2-8ºC).

Specimen Transport

Transport specimen to the laboratory on cold pack.

Setup Days

Testing is performed on an as-needed basis.


Reports will be available within 7 days of receiving the specimen.

Lab Slip

Tick-Borne Disease Serology (PDF: 993 Kb)