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Department of Health Services

Public Health Regional Laboratory

C. auris Real-Time PCR Assay at Sonoma County Public Health Lab


Test Methodology

Real-time PCR of nucleic acid purified directly from patient specimens

Accepted Specimens

Specimen Type(s): Primary patient specimens, axillary or groin swab, transported in liquid Amies. Pure culture isolates in suitable solid media slant.

Minimum Volume: 1 ml

Specimen Stability: 2-8⁰C up to 4 days

Storage/Transport Conditions: Refrigerated and transported by cold pack

Turnaround Time: 2 days

Rejection Criteria: 

  • Insufficient labelling: 2 unique identifiers (name, DOB, MRN)
  • No Date of Collection
  • Leaking samples
  • Transported w/o cold packs
  • Specimens received 4 days from collection date
  • Specimen/sample types not meeting acceptance criteria

Limitations: PCR cannot differentiate between viable and non-viable cells present in the sample.


General RT-PCR assay CPT: 87798 ($107)