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Department of Health Services

Public Health Regional Laboratory



A screening assay to detect the presence of all enterovirus types including EV-D68.


RT-PCR - VRDL Protocol

CPT Code


Acceptable Specimens

A minimum of 0.7 mL of original respiratory specimen in viral, universal, or CVM transport media. Acceptable respiratory samples include: nasopharyngeal swab or aspirate, oropharyngeal swab or aspirate, throat swab, bronchial alveolar lavage and endotracheal aspirate. CSF is also acceptable. CSF should be submitted in a sterile container without viral, universal, or CVM transport media.

Specimen Storage

Store specimens in a refrigerator (2-8ºC). If specimen(s) will take longer than 72 hours to reach Sonoma County Public Health Laboratory, specimen(s) should be frozen at -20ºC or colder.

Specimen Transport

Transport specimens to the lab on cold pack.

Setup Days

Testing is performed on an as-needed basis.


Results will be available 1-2 days upon arrival at the lab.

Lab Slip

Monster Form (PDF: 108 Kb)


This assay is a screening assay and will NOT distinguish enterovirus 68 from a broad range of other enteroviruses. Additionally, some rhinovirus types are known to test positive with this assay. Therefore, all positive samples will be sent to CDPH for confirmation and final characterization.