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Department of Health Services

Public Health Regional Laboratory

Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough)




CPT Code

83898 – PCR

Acceptable Specimens

Synthetic- tipped (eg Dacron or polyester) nasopharyngeal swab in a dry 15 ml conical tube (or other empty, sterile, leakproof, screw cap tube or vial)

Click here for nasopharyngeal swab collection procedure.

Specimen Storage

Store specimen in the refrigerator (2-8ºC) or at room temperature.

Specimen Stability

Swabs are acceptable up to 3 days after collection.

Specimen Transport

Transport specimen to the laboratory on cold pack or at room temperature.

Specimen Rejection

Cotton-tipped swabs; wooden shafted swabs

Setup Days

Testing is performed on an as-needed basis.


PCR Results will be available within 1-2 days after receiving the specimen.

Lab Slip

Monster Form (PDF: 108 kB)