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Department of Health Services

Homelessness Services

2019 CoC Competition Priority List

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On August 22, 2019 the Home Sonoma County Leadership Council (CoC Board) approved rating and rankings for new and renewal projects in the FY 2019 Continuum of Care Competition.  The full priority list is attached and listed below.


Tier 1

1 79.16 West County Community Services Mill Street Supportive Housing Renewal $90,953
2 76.48 SCCDC Chronically Homeless Persons with Mental Illness Renewal $108,993
3 76.09 Buckelew Programs Samaritan FACT Renewal $101,166
4 75.58 Buckelew Programs Sonoma SCIL Renewal $248,672
5 73.84 Catholic Charities PSH 3 Renewal $288,302
6 73.76 SCCDC Renewal Rental Assistance – Persons with HIV/AIDS* Renewal $603,874
7 73 Social Advocates for Youth Sponsor Based Rental Assistance Renewal $236,552
8 72.72 COTS Community Based PSH Renewal $271,381
9 72.46 Community Support Network Stony Point Commons Renewal $55,981
10 71.67 Catholic Charities PSH 2 Renewal $311,636
 C10 N/A Catholic Charities PSH 2 Consolidation* Renewal $599,938
11 67.84 Sonoma County Community Development Commission Youth with Disabilities Renewal $74,186
12 N/A Sonoma County Community Development Commission Renewal Rental Assistance – Homeless with Chronic Health Conditions*** Renewal $240,014
13 N/A YWCA of Sonoma County Rapid Rehousing for Vulnerable Survivors of DV**** Renewal $143,656
14 N/A Community Support Network Sanctuary Villas**** Renewal $61,557
15 N/A Sonoma County Community Development Commission Coordinated Intake Expansion Project**** Renewal $349,991
16 N/A Sonoma County Community Development Commission Homeless Management Information System Expansion (HMIS) Project**** Renewal $187,907
 17N/A Sonoma County Community Development Commission HMIS Expansion 2019**** New - Reallocation $44,825 


Tier 2

17 N/A Sonoma County Community Development Commission HMIS Expansion 2019**** New – Reallocation $94,425
18 67.40 YWCA of Sonoma County RRH for Vulnerable Survivors of DV Expansion New – DV Bonus Project $107,060
19 62.80 Reach for Home Reach for Home North County RRH New – Reallocation/Bonus $197,133



These projects include a DV Bonus Project, “YWCA RRH for Vulnerable Survivors of DV Expansion Project” in the second tier.  If this project is selected as a DV Bonus Project, it will be removed from the rankings, and all projects (new and renewal) below it will slide up in the rankings.  If it is not selected as a DV Bonus, it will be funded as a Bonus Project.  These rankings reflect that scenario of the project not being funded in the DV Bonus category.

Voluntary Reallocation

  *The following project voluntarily reduced their eligible funding amount in order to make additional renewal funding available for reallocation to new projects:

  • Sonoma County Community Development Commission, Renewal Rental Assistance – Persons with HIV/AIDS – Reduced project from $853,874 to $603,874

  This funding was reallocated and currently supports projects #17 and #19 on the Priority Listing.

  Project Consolidations

  **As permitted in the 2019 Continuum of Care Competition, the following projects propose consolidations:

  1. Catholic Charities applied for the following projects to be consolidated. Each project was submitted/ranked individually and as a fully consolidated application:

  • PSH 2
  • PSH 3
    • PSH 2 (Consolidated)      

***This project was not scored due to having an incomplete Annual Performance Report (less than a year of operating activity) and lags in project startup.  The Evaluation Task Group recommends keeping it in Tier 1. 

****Project has not completed a full year of operation as it was awarded in the FY 2018 CoC Competition (YWCA and CSN); Coordinated Entry and HMIS are mandated system infrastructure and not scored by the Evaluation Task Group.  

Projects straddling Tiers

The SCCDC’s New Project, HMIS Expansion 2019, is the only project straddling tiers.