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Department of Health Services

Sonoma County Homeless Coalition

Continuum of Care Governance and Compliance

To help agencies ensure their funded programs are compliant with local, state and federal standards, we have provided the following references to guidelines for homeless service projects by funding source. 

Sonoma County Homeless Coalition Governance Charter

This Governance Charter and associated Policies and Procedures memorialize how stakeholders meet the federally-defined responsibilities of operating a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Continuum of Care as found in the Program Rule at 24 CFR Part 578. As described, HUD empowers and expects the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition to lead local policy and program development around homelessness. The Homeless Coalition also determines the Collaborative Applicant (the agency that coordinates the Homeless Coalition’s HUD application, among other things), Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) provider, Coordinated Entry operator, and the lead administrative agency.

Sonoma County Homeless Coalition Governance Charter April 26, 2023 (PDF: 668 kB)


Continuum of Care: Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless 

As of January 16, 2016, Continuum of Care Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) projects are required to serve persons that are chronically homeless and may only accept new program participants that meet this definition (either 100% dedicated or dedicatedPLUS). Please refer to the Guide and verification packets to ensure compliance.

Funding Competition

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Information on the CoC national competition and previous award recipients