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Department of Health Services

Sonoma County Homeless Coalition

Annual Homeless Services Consolidated NOFA

The Sonoma County Homeless Coalition governs the allocation and administration of combined annual and one-time federal, state, and local funding for homeless services in Sonoma County. This funding is available on an annual basis, also known as the Homeless Services Consolidated Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).

The Consolidated NOFA is consistent with federal rules, statutes, regulations, and local priorities. It includes funds from sources such as the State Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), and several other local homeless services funding sources. The annual NOFA will also govern the administration of one-time funding allocations from the California Homeless Housing Advocacy and Prevention (HHAP) program as well as the California Department of Health Care Services’ Homeless Housing Incentive Program (HHIP) funds.

Sonoma County Homeless Coalition FY 2024-2025 Local Homelessness Services Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

The Sonoma County Department of Health Services (DHS), on behalf of the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition (previously known as the Sonoma County Continuum of Care), invites new and renewal proposals from eligible applicants for local homeless services projects in the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), also known as the “Local Homelessness Services NOFA”. 

Bidder’s Conference/Technical Assistance session (virtual): December 18, 2023, 10 am-12 pm 

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Meeting ID: 838 9964 4524
Passcode: 850069

Deadline to submit proposals: January 22, 2024

Please see the NOFA for the full timeline.

Please send any questions to the following staff:
Chuck Mottern 
Michael Gause

Application Materials

NOFA materials can be accessed here:

  • Local Homelessness Services NOFA
  • Attachment 1 – Application Template and Budget Workbook
  • Attachment 2 – Scoring Tools
  • Attachment 3 – Project and Agency Questionnaire
  • Attachment 4 – Shelter Inventory
  • Attachment 5 – Budget Workbook
  • NOFA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF: 122 kB) »