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Human Resources Department

Sonoma County Prosecutors’ Association (SCPA)

2023 - 2026 SCPA Memorandum of Understanding: Article 13: Vacation

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What’s on this Page:

  • 13.1 Vacation – Maximum Accumulation
  • 13.2 Vacation – Part-Time Employees
  • 13.3 Vacation – Accrual Rates
  • 13.4 Vacation Accrual Upon Reappointment
  • 13.5 Vacation Schedules
  • 13.6 Payment for Unused Vacation

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13.1 Vacation – Maximum Accumulation

Employees shall accrue vacation at the rate specified in the table in Section 13.3, and the maximum accruals are as specified in the same table.

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13.2 Vacation – Part-Time Employees

Part-time employees shall accrue vacation leave on a pro-rata basis; usage and accrual shall be governed by the same rules and regulations applicable to full-time employees.

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13.3 Vacation – Accrual Rates

Each employee who has completed the following in-service hours shall accrue vacation at the appropriate rate shown below.  In-service hours include all hours in paid status up to a maximum of eighty (80) hours in a pay period. In lieu of overtime, during each year employees have seven and one half (7 ½) days  (60 hours) of Administrative Leave added to their vacation accrual.  The equivalent days and the maximum accumulation columns below for employees include both vacation and administrative leave.  Rates shown below will be adjusted to reflect any unpaid time in each pay period. The accrual rates and maximum accumulated hours are shown in the chart below.  

Years Comp
Full-Time Service
No. of Comp
In-Service Hours
Vacation Accrual Per 80
In- Service Hours
Total Equiv. (8 hr) Days Maximum Accumulation
0 – 10 0 - 20,870 4.91 2.30 25.6 480
10 – 15 20,871 - 31,305 6.14 2.30 29.6 480
15 – 20 31,306 - 41,741 6.75 2.30 31.6 480
20 – 25 41,742 - 52,177 7.36 2.30 33.6 480
More than 25 52,178 or more 7.67 2.30 34.6 480

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13.4 Vacation Accrual Upon Reappointment

Each employee with 10,435 in-service hours (five (5) or more years) who resigned in good standing and is reappointed within two (2) years, shall be credited with 4,174 hours (2 years) of service for purposes of new vacation accrual.  Each employee who was laid off and is reappointed within two (2) years shall be returned to the place on the accrual table (in Section 13.3, above) that the employee occupied when laid off.

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13.5 Vacation Schedules

Vacation schedules shall be arranged by the Department Head with particular regards to the needs of the service, and whenever possible, with regard to the wishes of the employee. Every effort shall be made to arrange vacation schedules so that each employee will take as much vacation in a year as accrues to the employee in that year.  Each employee’s vacation time may be divided as the needs of the service require or permit. No employee may take vacation without advance approval of the Department Head. No employee may take vacation leave in advance of that actually accumulated at the time the leave is taken.

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13.6 Payment for Unused Vacation

Employees who are separated from the County service shall be entitled to payment in lieu of all unused vacation leave and administrative leave which the employee may have accumulated as of the employee’s last day of work and payment shall be computed on the basis of such employee’s base hourly rate at the time of termination.

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