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Human Resources Department

Sonoma County Prosecutors’ Association (SCPA)

2023 - 2026 SCPA Memorandum of Understanding: Article 23: Enactment

23 Enactment

The Board of Supervisors will amend its written policies and take other appropriate action by resolution or otherwise in order to give full force and effect to this Memorandum. The below named representatives of the County and the Association agree to recommend the Board’s implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding:

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/s/ Kelly M. Tuffo
Kelly M. Tuffo, Chief Negotiator
Liebert, Cassidy, Whitmore

/s/ Jeremia Mills
Jeremia Mills, Employee and Labor Relations Manager

/s/ Ashley Nolan
Ashley Nolan, Employee and Labor Relations Analyst


/s/ Robert Maddock
Robert Maddock, Attorney Representative

/s/ Matt Finnegan
Matt Finnegan, Attorney Representative

/s/ Ashley Hendon
Ashley Hendon, Deputy District Attorney

/s/ Christopher White
Christopher White, Deputy District Attorney

/s/ Robert Waner
Robert Waner, Deputy District Attorney

/s/ Thomas Gotshall
Thomas Gotshall, Deputy District Attorney

/s/ Peter Finn
Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer
Teamsters Local Union 856

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