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Human Resources Department

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Managers Association (SCLEMA)

2019 - 2023 SCLEMAMemorandum of Understanding:   Article 11: Staff Development

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Management Association

11.1 Staff Development and Wellness Benefit Allowance Program

The Department of Human Resources shall develop, modify, implement and administer administrative/programmatic guidelines to remain in compliance with federal and/or state law, and all County policies and procedures, based on the County’s online Staff Development / Wellness Benefit Allowance Program guidelines.

Full-time and part-time (0.40 FTE and above) employees in regular allocated positions are eligible for the Staff Development and Wellness Benefit Allowance and may request reimbursement for allowable expenses pursuant to the above guidelines.

11.1.1 Staff Development and Wellness Benefit Allowance – Amounts

As specified in the chart below, full-time and part-time eligible employees shall be entitled to the following annual benefit amounts.

Bargaining Unit Full time Allowance Part time Allowance 
Management (0044) $1,170 $585 

Total funds per fiscal year can be used for Staff Development and/or Wellness expenditures. Unused funds may not be carried over into next fiscal year. Use of funds are subject to the online Staff Development / Wellness Benefit Allowance program guidelines and may be taxable pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

Computer Hardware, Equipment and Mobile Devices

Staff Development and Wellness Benefit Allowances may be used towards reimbursement for the purchase of computer hardware devices as defined in the County’s Staff Development Benefit Allowance Administrative Manual, as well as other computer hardware, equipment and mobile devices. Monthly service charges for internet and mobile communication connections are not reimbursable under this program. The use and approval of all computer hardware, equipment and mobile devices is subject to review by the Department Head (or may be delegated to a senior manager only) and is subject to the specific job requirements for each job classification in that department. All computer hardware, equipment and mobile devices must be directly job related, must be used for County business a minimum of 50% of their use and requires Department Head (or senior manager designee) authorization in order to qualify for reimbursement. Department head authorization for the use of this benefit towards reimbursements for computer hardware, equipment and mobile devices must be outlined and approved in the employees’ annual Professional Development Plan document and will be considered together with other staff development training and educational priorities required by the Department Head.

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11.2 Sheriff’s Department Physical Fitness

The County and the Association agree to maintain the Sheriff’s Physical Fitness/Wellness program for all employees covered by this Memorandum. Employee enrollment in any Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department Physical Fitness / Wellness program shall be voluntary. 

Unused Staff Development/Wellness funds of SCLEMA represented employees in the Sheriff’s Department remaining at the end of each fiscal year will be made available to the Sheriff’s Department for the costs of equipment and equipment maintenance for the two workout rooms located in Sheriffs’ Department facilities. Unused funds combined with funds from other eligible Bargaining Units will be made available to the Sheriff’s Department to maintain an available annual amount of $35,000.00 for each workout room.


Joint labor-management committees oversee the equipment purchase and maintenance.


All equipment purchased pursuant to this Section 11.1 becomes the property of the County.

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11.3 In-service Training

The County and the Association agree that the County retains full authority to determine training needs, resources that can be made available, and the method of payment for training authorized by the County. Nothing in this subsection shall preclude the right of an employee to request specific training.

The County shall make every effort to provide a program of in-service training for employees in the Bargaining Unit designed to maintain a high standard of performance and to increase the skills of employees in the Bargaining Unit. Training courses to be attended shall have a direct bearing on the work of the employee. Attendance at training courses may be authorized by the Department Head.

Decisions by Department Heads on requests by employees should be based on the following criteria:

  • the effect the absence of the employee will have on the department’s operations and its ability to continue to provide the services and perform the functions for which it is responsible;
  • the relationship of the subject of the program, seminar, conference, or workshop to the function performed by the employee and the department; and
  • the employee’s professional development; and
  • the method of financing requested by the employee.

11.3.1 Payment – In-service Training

There are three ways the expenses of the program might be paid:

BY THE COUNTY: Expenditures for travel, meals, lodging, registration and other items included annually within the department budget.

BY OTHER PUBLIC OR PRIVATE AGENCIES: Occasionally, employees receive approval for their expenditures to be paid by grants from the State or Federal governments, from private organizations, or from professional organizations.

BY THE INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEE: Occasionally, the departmental budget may not permit expenditures for certain in-service training to be paid by the County. The employee may feel that the training would be of benefit to the employee’s professional development, and therefore, would be willing to pay the expenses in whole or in part from their Staff Development Benefit Allowance if the employee were permitted time off from work at full salary.

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Article 11 of this MOU shall not be grievable or appealable under any County policy, resolution, rule or contract provision.

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