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Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Permits (General)

Does the County allow adult use (recreational) non-medical commercial cannabis uses?

Can I get a permit for a cannabis delivery service?

Will the County be limiting the number of permits?

What are the different permit types and the process involved?

How much do permits cost?

Where can I find cannabis permit forms and instructions?

Where can I learn about the application submittal and project review processes and what to expect as an applicant?

Are all of the items on the application checklist required for my project?

What if my non-profit or mutual benefit corporation wants to change its status to a for-profit corporation?

The Zoning Code requires that I submit a security plan – will that be made available to the public?

I’ve received a Courtesy Notice from Permit Sonoma requesting a site inspection. What should I do?

Cultivation Permits

Can I grow cannabis on a property?

Are permits limited to local cultivators only?

I submitted a complete Penalty Relief application to the County; will my penalty relief expire before the County has not made a determination on whether to issue a permit?

Does the one acre cultivation limit apply to property owners leasing to multiple operators?

Can I apply for multiple types of cultivation on the same parcel?

Can I apply for multiple cultivation permits on different parcels?

Can I apply for multiple permits for a multi-tenant operation on a single parcel?

Is there a minimum lot size or size limit for nurseries?

Do nurseries/propagation areas count against the 1 acre maximum requirement?

Can I have 1 acre of cultivation and have a permit for manufacturing or other cannabis business?

Can I get a cultivation permit if I have an easement with the Ag and Open Space District?

How is outdoor cultivation measured?

What are the setbacks required for cultivation?

Can I get a setback reduction?

Can I cultivate cannabis using off-grid power?

Is cannabis cultivation allowed on lands in an Agricultural Preserve under a Williamson Act contract? How does growing cannabis on the property affect our property taxes?

Can I remove trees to accommodate my cultivation operation?

When am I required to provide a hydrogeologic report with my application?

How do I apply for a cannabis cultivation license with the State?

I have submitted a cultivation application and/or am operating under the Penalty Relief Program. Why did I get a notice from Permit Sonoma Code Enforcement saying they need to conduct an inspection in response to a complaint?

Structures and Building Permits

Can I get a building or grading permit before my zoning or use permit?

Can I keep or add structures, roads, or any other impervious infrastructure on my property for my cannabis operation if the parcel is zoned for agricultural or resource use?

Can I get a permit to install solar panels in advance of applying for a cannabis use, at a size that meets the projected demand for my cannabis use?

Are membrane structures (e.g., greenhouses and hoop houses) subject to building and fire codes?

Am I required to install a fixed restroom that's connected to a septic or sewer system?