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Meyers and Walbridge Fires Debris Removal Update 

Phase 1 complete

Santa Rosa, CA  –  October 2, 2020 at 4:30 PM  –  All properties that sustained structural damage as a result of the Meyers and Walbridge fires should have by now been swept for hazardous household waste. Hazardous household waste sweeps, also referred to as Phase 1, are performed by the state. Vehicles are not included in the hazardous household waste sweeps.

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control has completed the household hazardous waste sweeps of properties with damaged or destroyed structures from the Meyers and Walbridge fires in Sonoma County.

If your property has not been swept, and you believe there is toxic household hazardous waste on your property, please immediately contact the Sonoma County Hazardous Materials Unit at (707) 565-2024 or .

Residents should refrain from entering the burn footprint without personal protective equipment and should not begin cleanup activities until authorized by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Environmental Health.

Debris after a wildfire can be toxic, and improper transportation and disposal of fire debris can create dangerous health impacts throughout the community. Additional information about returning home safely, and HHW and debris removal, can be found at

Phase 2 approved by the state

California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) has announced that a Phase 2 government- sponsored debris removal mission has been approved. Phase 2 cleanup is the removal of the remainder of debris on your property and will prepare your property for the rebuilding process to begin. CalOES is currently working on details of the program. The County will announce the details of the Phase 2 cleanup program as soon as they become available.

Property owners who wish to enroll in this Phase 2 program must not disturb their debris. Disturbing fire debris on your property may disqualify you from the program and make you ineligible for government assistance.

Property owners who wish to perform their own Phase 2 cleanup must file an application and plan with the Sonoma County Environmental Health Division prior to beginning any work.

Details can be found at


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