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Climate Action and Resiliency

Climate Action and Resiliency Division

Water Resilience

Route 1, Bridge over Russian River

Abundant clean water is crucial to a resilient, sustainable, and thriving life for all Sonoma County residents and visitors. The Climate Action and Resiliency Division (CARD) collaborates on and helps to facilitate and implement projects aimed at improving Sonoma County’s water resilience.

Water Resilience can be understood as the ability of water systems to withstand or recover from change or stress, such as floods, droughts, or changes in water quality, without losing the system’s ability to support key functions and beneficial uses.



  • Details about listed projects, such as the Monte Rio - Villa Grande Wastewater Treatment Project
  • Details regarding new septic tank regulations
  • Information about water resilience and water resilience related projects


  • Monte Rio-Villa Grande Wastewater Treatment Project
  • Wastewater Mapping Study
  • Sonoma County Climate Resilient Lands Strategy
  • Climate Resilience Fund:
    • Drought Resiliency Planning
    • Flood Risk Assessment
    • Flood-Managed Aquifer Recharge Feasibility Study
    • Rainwater Catchment Rebate

Contact Information

Questions, concerns or comments?  Please contact:

Michael Makdisi
Analyst & Ombudsman
Phone: (707) 565-3747