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Rule 43. Board Member Referrals to Staff

Board member referrals, excluding constituent work, that are anticipated to involve significant staff time or other resource commitment and/or are a departure from established county or departmental policy require Board approval prior to starting work. Board members are encouraged to discuss referrals which may require significant resources with the Chair and CAO. Board approval shall be obtained through majority action of the board, on an agenda item in which the scope and resource needs of the referral are identified.

Rule 44. Action Summaries and Recordings of Meetings

The Clerk shall prepare and distribute Action Summaries ("minutes") of Board meetings. The minutes shall consist of the brief statement of each item posted on the agenda and supplemental agenda plus all motions, resolutions and ordinance numbers related thereto, all votes recorded thereon, and the final action taken by the Board. The minutes shall be made available internally and to the public and shall be placed on the Internet.

The Clerk shall maintain the official audio record of each Board meeting for a period of 3 years and will make these tapes available for listening by the public at no charge. The Clerk shall also maintain the official audio/video record of any meeting broadcasted. These audio/video records will also be made available to the public for viewing at no cost and will be maintained for a period of 3 years.

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