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Board of Supervisors Department

Board Rules of Procedures

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Adopted Date: 4/15/2014

Revised: March 2024

Table of Contents

I. Purpose


II. General


Rule 1. Applicability of Rules

Rule 2. Definitions


III. Meetings


Rule 3. Regular Meetings and Annual Calendar

Rule 4. Special Meetings, Budget Hearings, Workshops and Planning Meetings

Rule 5. Emergency Meetings

Rule 6. Closed Sessions


IV. Elections, Powers, and Duties of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Chair Pro-Tempore


Rule 7. Annual Selection of Chair and Vice Chair

Rule 8. Powers of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Chair Pro-Tempore


V. Agendas and Agenda Materials


Rule 9. Meeting Agenda

Rule 10. Addendums/Supplemental Agenda Items

Rule 11. Adherence to Clerk of the Board Required Agenda Procedures and Deadlines

Rule 13. Review and Filing of Agenda Items

Rule 14. Supplemental Correspondence and Information

Rule 15. County Counsel Approval as to Form


VI. Conduct of Business


Rule 16. Order of Business

Rule 17. Board Member; Notification of Absence

Rule 18. Quorum and Action

Rule 19. Matters Not on the Agenda/Emergency Items

Rule 20. Consent/Regular Calendar Items

Rule 21. Public Hearings


VII. Procedure and Voting


Rule 22. Quasi-Adjudicatory Hearings

Rule 23. Order and Decorum

Rule 24. Commitment to Civility

Rule 25. Use of Electronic Devices and Documents

Rule 26. Motions – General

Rule 27. Voting

Rule 28. Roll Call Votes

Rule 29. Conflicts of Interest

Rule 30. Motion to Rescind

Rule 31. Motion to Reconsider

Rule 32. Substitute Motion

Rule 33. Ordinances

Rule 34. Planning Matters – Request for Continuance

Rule 35. Planning Matters – Original Jurisdiction


VIII. Duties of County Staff During Board Meetings


Rule 36. County Administrator

Rule 37. County Counsel

Rule 38. Clerk of the Board

Rule 39. Sheriff

Rule 40. Department and Agency Directors


IX. Committees


Rule 41. Board Committees/Assignments and Reporting Requirements

Rule 42. Standing Committees

Rule 43. Ad-Hoc Committees

Rule 44. Communications Outside of Public Hearings (Ex Parte Communications)


X. Other


Rule 45. Board Member Referrals to Staff

Rule 46. Action Summaries and Recordings of Meetings


XI. Participation of the Public


Rule 47. Public Comment / Time Limits

Rule 48. Orderly Conduct

Rule 49. Security and Prohibition of Banners/Signs or other Hazardous Objects

Rule 50. Appointments to Countywide Boards and Commissions


Appendix A. Order of Agenda


Appendix B. 4/5ths and Unanimous Vote Requirements


Appendix C. Governance Standards


Appendix D. Safety Net Contracting Principles